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Website development for an educational center

Nowadays, educational centers for preschoolers and early development centers are popular, and given the huge competition in the market, it is imperative to stand out among other similar institutions not only with a very high-quality education, but also with a modern approach to the work of the center, the presence of an information portal, which is essentially a single access point to all school resources. «Preschooler ZOON» decided to make a high-quality and bright website its business card. It was for such a project that they turned to us.

A goal

The main task was to create a memorable design and a clear interface that would be extremely convenient for use by the key audience of the site — parents. Of course, no less urgent task was information content, a convenient personal account and a full-fledged resource administration system.


As part of the work on the project, a user-friendly interface and a bright, but at the same time not «eye-burning» design was created, which will definitely attract the attention of the audience. The web service turned out to be really high-quality and universal, starting with information content and ending with a personal account with the possibility of authorization through the social networks VKontakte and Google.


Laravel, Docker, BEM



Zoon School
Zoon School
Zoon School
Zoon School

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