Pharmacy 149

Pharmacy network E‑Commerce Design and Development

Online store of a large network of pharmacies.

Each business nowadays needs its own service for keeping statistics, promoting a brand and, most importantly, for selling products. The chain of stores «Pharmacy 149» entrusted its site to us!

A Goal

  • The visual part of the store, compliance with the brand, identity and corporate color of the company was very important for the customer;
  • A prerequisite for the project was the automatic import of a large catalog of goods to the site and keeping it up to date;
  • Integration with payment systems to pay for orders directly on the site;
  • Maintaining statistics of network sales.


In the course of developing the design of the project, we tried to take into account all the wishes of the customer and make the resource unique, recognizable and pleasant to use.

In the process of developing the design, a unique interface was created that meets modern development standards and fully meets the wishes of the network owner.

For automated accounting of goods on the network, as well as convenient further integration with various services, we decided to use the Magento 2 eCommerce platform as the basis of the project, and supplemented it with various modules developed during the work on the project.

And for the front-end and accessible to users, we used Vue Storefront, a flexible framework that allowed us to create the fastest possible interface. And as a bonus, with the help of it we managed to turn the site into a full-fledged mobile application.


Vue.js, Vue Storefront, Magento 2



Pharmacy 149
Pharmacy 149
Pharmacy 149
Pharmacy 149
Pharmacy 149
Pharmacy 149

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